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Christ is Risen

He is risen indeed!

Rev Sue and Revd Frances wish everyone, despite the present circumstances, a

       Very Happy and Blessed (and safe) Easter.


Bp Rachel and others are saying the following prayer followed by the Lord's Prayer at 8am every morning:


Invitation to pray with Bp Rachel:
From our own homes, we will be praying the prayer at the end of our message and the Lord's Prayer at 8 am every morning. We invite you to join with us. 

A prayer in lockdown
The doors of the house where the disciples had met were locked.
 (John 20.19)

Ever present God,
be with us in our isolation,

be close to us in our distancing,

be healing in our sickness,

be joy in our sadness,

be light in our darkness,

be wisdom in our confusion,

be all that is familiar when all is unfamiliar,

that when the doors reopen

we may with the zeal of Pentecost

inhabit our communities

and speak of your goodness

to an emerging world.

For Jesus’ sake.




  For those who are fearful of the current situation; for all the key ‘frontline’ workers and for those who are suffering the pain of bereavement.


Lectionary Readings:

Jeremiah 31: 1 – 6   Acts 10: 34 – 43

Gospel:  Matthew 28: 1 – 10.      

The Psalm to use is Psalm 111  


Please remember in your prayers the families and friends of those whose anniversary of death falls at this time ..Stephen Sansum, Joan Pullin and Paul Leach.


Regular Prayer Cycle:

Tytherington during April:  West Street and The Orchard

Falfield this week: A38 from Huntsman South to Buckover.


From Gloucester Diocese:
On Maundy Thursday at 11 am there will be an act of worship during which I will give my charge to the Diocese; and clergy, Readers and licensed lay workers will reaffirm ministerial promises as we celebrate the whole people of God being summoned in baptism to witness to God’s love and to work for the coming of God’s kingdom. Members of congregations are warmly invited to attend the service please ask Rev Sue if you would like a copy of the service to follow. 
On Good Friday there will be a 
dramatised telling of St John’s account of the Passion available on our website and social media accounts. This has been produced by the staff team.
 Easter morning at 7 am a live stream Eucharist from the drawing room at Bishopscourt by Bp Rachel. This service will begin with the lighting of the Easter candle and will include a renewal of baptism vows. You are also invited to light a candle or put on a representative light. People will be encouraged to make their spiritual communion and a simple prayer will be provided. To access the service you will need to join via the 
Diocesan Facebook page or Twitter. The order of service will be available to download from the website in the next couple of days.

Holy Ground

This package of resources for Holy Week has been produced to support families and households in these challenging times. This is on the diocesan website.
You can download the Holy Ground resource by clicking on the image on the website and you can find more  resources for Growing Together on the 
Children, Youth and Families pages of the diocesan website. 


Other ways to share in worship in these next few days:

            Saturday –

BBC2  7pm 

Easter from Kings College


Easter Sunday

BBC1  11.25am

Easter Sunday Worship from Bangor Cathedral

BBC1 1.50pm

Heavenly Gardens Part 2



Good Friday

Radio 2  8-10pm

At the Foot of the Cross a dramatic retelling of the Crucifixion plus music


Radio4 3pm

Good Friday meditation


Easter Sunday

Radio 4 8.10am

Archbishops Easter meditation


Radio 3  3pm

Choral Evensong from Norwich


Rev Sue’s Musings will be sent out on Maundy Thursday,

a Meditation for Good Friday, Holy Saturday and hopefully a service to share in on Easter Day!





Lydia  (Acts 16:11 – 15; 40 )  was an important person in her community –  she had her own business importing purple cloth, which was a costly material worn by kings and the wealthy people. She employed people, and in her private life probably had a large property and servants. She did not however give the whole of her life to her business, although she had obligations through her work to other people, she still had time for other things of importance to her. She did not allow her working life to be all-consuming!  Remember these are days when it was not ‘usual’ for women to be in such a position of control and with such a level of independence. Lydia is a lovely example of someone who really did have a ‘God-shaped’ hole. Lydia found time to worship, but she was not satisfied, as some people were, with the worship of Apollo and so she worshipped the one true God, making sure she gave Him time in her busy schedule – she had her priorities right! In Acts 16 she was going to worship with other women – probably not enough Jewish men in the area to form a synagogue – and so they were meeting in the open air and there was an unexpected guest speaker in the form of Paul, together with his companions Luke, Silas and Timothy who had arrived in the city. God had changed Paul’s original plans to go to Bithynia and brought him to speak to these women and in particular to Lydia – isn’t God amazing how He gently nudges us and encourages us in order that we can do His will! Paul spoke about the God of Abraham who sent His Son, Jesus to earth in order to allow the people an opportunity to be forgiven and receive their salvation. Paul explained that through faith in Jesus Christ there was redemption and eternal life, and that as we know, gives a new and different perspective on our daily lives. Lydia had a deep desire in her heart to be with and to obey God and so she listened intently realising as she did so that her knowledge of God was superficial and she longed for this deeper understanding. She found the bit that had been ‘missing’ in her experience – the personal faith in Jesus Christ – she became a Christian and she and her whole household were baptised.  As with so many new Christians she wanted other people to enjoy and experience that which she had made part of her life. She continued in her life as a business woman, offering all that she had to God – her home as she persuaded Paul and the others to stay for a while; she stood for the gospel to non-believers; she cared for Paul when he was illegally imprisoned and her earnings were used to further the gospel. Right priorities – a lesson for us all!