Pew Sheet

‘To see  Christ in all and

   show Christ to the World’



            Services : 23rd February 2020

Year A: Sunday next before Lent : Green


9.30am           Cromhall                   Holy Communion   

9.30am           Rockhampton           Holy Communion

11.15am         Tortworth                  Holy Communion

11.15am         Tytherington             Holy Communion

Falfield join with Rockhampton and/or Tortworth


Lectionary Readings :  Exodus 24: 12 – end

                                        2 Peter 1: 16 - end

Gospel Reading:            Matthew 17: 1- 9


Services next week: 1st March 2020

Yr A:  First Sunday of Lent : Purple


9.30am           Cromhall                   Holy Communion   

11.15am         Tortworth                  Holy Communion

11.00am         Tytherington             Joint Service with Baptists

Falfield join with Tortworth


Lectionary Readings : Genesis 2: 15-17, 3: 1-7

                                        Romans 5: 12 - 19

Gospel Reading:           Matthew 4: 1 - 11


                          PRAYER FOCUS


People struggling with floods and the

results of the bad weather.



Regular Activities this week:…

Bell Ringing …..      Monday:  Cromhall 7:30pm

Thursday:  Tortworth 8:15pm Tytherington 7:45pm


Activities in the Benefice this week:

Tuesday 25th February : Holy Communion : Falfield : 10.30am

Wed. 26th February : Ash Wednesday : Tytherington : 7.00pm


Future Activities:

Thursday 5th March : Holy Communion : Tytherington : 9.30am

Thursday 5th March : Lent Course : Leyhill Café : 10.30am

Tuesday 10th March : Group Visit : Tortworth : 2.00pm

Thursday 12th March : Lent Course : Leyhill Cafe : 10.30am

Friday 13th March : Compline : Cromhall : 7.00pm

Saturday 14th March : CLinC Annual Get-together : Cromhall Village Hall : 7.00pm


This Week’s ‘Funny’ … it's amazing what we hear... ! A congregation singing from one of the psalms:  'As the deer pants for the water..' were nearly brought to a halt as one child joined in very loudly - she knew this song.... 'As the deers’ pants fall in the water..'! History doesn't tell how her version continued!



LIFE Prayer:

God of hope and transformation, who in our Lord Jesus Christ offers the gift of life in all its fullness, send your Holy Spirit and grant us

joy in our following and vision in our leadership.

May we be rich in imagination, confident in faith, and courageous in our engagement with the people of this diocese. As we share your life with the world, keep us rooted and grounded in love as we bear witness to your glory and pray for your Kingdom to come.   Amen.





           7.00pm at St James’, Tytherington


Regular Prayer Cycle:

Tytherington during Feb. :  The Woodlands/Woodlands Road

Falfield this week:  Mill Lane and Windmill Close


Please remember in your prayers …. Isobel Gadsby


Please remember in your prayers the family and friends                    

of those whose anniversary of death falls at this time,

Ron Eacott. RIP


Maundy Thursday service 11.00 am at the Cathedral –

       do come it is a lovely service!



The Lent Course on Thursday mornings in March (5/12/19/26/April 2nd) will be at 10:30-12noon in Leyhill Café.

 – please note the day, date and time NOW in your diary!

N.B. Lent begins on February 26th with our Ash Wednesday service at 7.00pm.


How about reading the ‘Little Book of Lent’ this year … note the word ‘LITTLE’ which Rev. Sue says should encourage you all!  If you would like us to get you a copy please e-mail Rev. Sue or the office by Friday at the latest.   Alternatively, we have a limited number of ‘Live Lent Care for God’s Creation’ – a 40 day challenge at £2 a copy.   Please speak to Jan for one of these.


Compline during Lent.

There will be services of Compline during Lent on the following dates at 7.00pm …


6th March at Falfield                      27th March at Tortworth

13th March at Cromhall                 3rd April at Tytherington

20th March at Rockhampton


     April 1st 2020 – 7pm in Gloucester Cathedral a big question  

    and answer session with the bishops.

                       Do put the date into your diary!

George Herbert. We have all sung his words in hymns such as “Let all the world” or “The God of love” although we may not have known that! George was born on April 3rd 1593 possibly at Montgomery Castle, although it could have been in Black Hall in the valley below the castle itself. He became a priest in the Church of England and one of the foremost metaphysical poets of his day.  He was one of ten children and his early life saw his mother who was widowed when George was just 4yrs old, move to Shropshire, London and then to Oxford. She was a devoted mother and ensured that the children were brought up with religious and moral discipline and with a ‘formal commitment to learning’. George started at Westminster School in 1604, where the Dean of Westminster, Lancelot Andrewes ran a school where pupils had “not an hour of loitering time from morning to night”. He proved himself a more than able student and was elected a scholar and so became a boarding student the following year, continuing a classical education until he went to Trinity College Cambridge in 1609. He was one of “two of the brightest and most scholarly young men of his generation” (John Hacket was the other). George continued an academic life until the 1620’s and became a Cambridge Orator, Throughout these years he wrote poetry and while none was published during his lifetime, his works are still a source of inspiration to people today. He loved words and how they were and could be used – his writings were mainly about God and the Christian faith. He was very honest in his poems putting his own struggles and understanding into words, which are often like a conversation with God. No matter the struggle he always came back to giving God the glory. He used his poetry to inspire people with the joy of the Easter narrative. Herbert became a priest in 1630 and had the living of Fugglestone and Bemerton where he lived with his wife, who shared in and supported his pastoral ministry and their three adopted nieces. During this time, he wrote a book “The Country Parson: His Character and Rule of Holy Life” and of this he wrote “I have resolved to set down the Form and Character of a true Pastour, that I may have a Mark to aim at.” The words cleared his own mind and addressed practical parochial difficulties - it still has much food for thought for clergy today.  

George suffered ill heath most of his life and died in 1633 at the age of 40yrs. He left all his writings to his great friend Nicholas Ferrar with the instruction they were to be published “only if he thought they might do good to any dejected poor soul.”  Look in the hymn book for his words and find a modern copy of his work: The Temple.